10 questions about The 10 Thing

  1. What is The 10 Thing?

Easy… a website with a magazine feel, covering every subject under the sun! We write to be interesting and we always write in 10s! Bitesize chunks in a list format often works best for web content.

  1. Why 10?

Good question. We have tea at 10am and wanted something to read. Great ideas often come from the silliest reasons.

  1. Is everything a list?

Pretty much. Everything on The 10 Thing is written as either a list of 10, or 10 points to a feature. Easy to read, easy to digest over a Digestive.

  1. Who are you aiming for?

Humans. Perhaps the odd clever budgie.

  1. What are your aspirations?

To take over the world (cue evil laugh). Yes, we’d like to grow and grow and grow some more.

  1. What is your background?

The 10 Thing is run by BPG Media, a publisher with over 25 years of experience in print and a decade working online. Building market leading brands is our speciality, with Your Dog, Your Cat and Fieldsports being proof of our puddings. And we love puddings. Eton Mess. Yum. (an almost serious entry there).

  1. Who works on The 10 Thing?

Our team consists of 2 editors, 1 oddly-titled head of strategy person, a number of writers/contributors, 2 designers, 2 advertising friendlies, 1 IT man and a hamster. See our beautiful* faces above. (*perspective required).

  1. Are you on social media?

Who isn’t?! Follow us here, here and here (that’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and not forgetting YouTube and Pinterest.

  1. If I sign up to your newsletter or competition, will you pass my email on to loads of other people?

No. Just us. And only our newsletter.

  1. Do you take submissions?

If you’d like to talk to us about working together, please email [email protected] (including work experience students).