White Glo’s dental expert, Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos, shares his top tips for improving your oral health, and to be in with a chance of winning 6 months worth of teeth whitening products from White Glo enter our competition at the end of the article.

1. Never brush horizontally along the gum line

This may cause abrasions on the teeth. Instead place your bristles at a 45-degree angle at the gum line and brush up and down with short, circular strokes. Angulate the brush vertically to clean the inside surfaces of your front teeth.

2. Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen and protect teeth
The prolonged effect of the various minerals in toothpaste, especially fluoride, staying in contact with your teeth, is very effective at preventing tooth decay.

3. Change your toothbrush every month

Recent research found that the average toothbrush in the UK is six months old. Dr Sotiropoulos advises on changing your toothbrush once a month for optimum year-round protection.

4. Ensure you are well hydrated

This will reduce the hidden risks of tooth decay, gum disease and halitosis (bad breath) that can be caused by dry mouth during the night.

5. Don’t use mouthwash directly after brushing
Spit excess toothpaste after brushing but do not rise or use mouthwash because you’ll brush away the fluoride.

6. Wait an hour after eating/drinking before brushing
The enamel will be soft and you will brush it away.

7. Avoid sugary and acidic foods before bed

Acidic and sugary food/drink can cause erosion. Along with most processed foods, think fruit juices, red wine, jam, and white bread.

8. Don’t forget to clean your tongue
The grooves and ridges on your tongue can be breeding ground for bacteria. Good oral hygiene involves cleaning your tongue too. Ideally, you should use a tongue cleaner to gently scrape your tongue.

9. Consider using an at home whitening toothpaste

Recent research by White Glo revealed that only 24% of are happy with the colour of their teeth. Staining caused by certain foods and drinks can be removed with an at home whitening kit.

10. Ensure your iron levels are high to prevent gum disease
Iron allows the body’s immune system to fight against disease and infection. Without enough iron, your body has to fight harder against gum disease and oral infections.

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You can find out more about looking after your teeth at the White Glo website.

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